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FamilyWize: FREE prescription drug discount program

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United Way of Madison County has joined with 700 other United Ways in all 50 states to help lower the cost of prescription medication for families with little or no prescription drug coverage. It is estimated that the partnership nationwide is saving over $1 million every month with a goal of saving $100 million over the next five years. So far, more than 10 million cards have been distributed and over $7 million has been saved to date.

FamilyWize is a prescription drug discount card program. The FamilyWize cards are free. There is no application fee, no age, income or citizenship restrictions. THIS IS NOT HEALTH INSURANCE: Discounts are available only at participating pharmacies.

It covers all medicine not covered by health insurance, Medicare, or a prescription drug benefit plan. Cards can be used immediately and as often as needed by all family members. There is no income limit, age requirement, eligibility or registration required. It’s an easy way to get a 35% average savings on your prescription drug expenses.

How can FamilyWize cards be free?

The nation-wide FamilyWize Community Service Partnership brings together service-oriented companies and organizations. Each partner donates in-kind services to do what it can to reduce the cost of medicine for people across the country struggling to get the medicine they need. Participating pharmacies provide the savings and many other businesses provide donated printing, shipping, paper and promotion.

Please remember to thank your pharmacy for its participation and those helping to give out the cards for the difference they are making for you, your family and your community.


Click on discount card at the right of the page to print and place in your wallet for immediate use! OR text FAMILY to 700700 to receive a card on your phone.


If you do not have access to print off a FamilyWize drug discount card, you can obtain cards at the United Way of Madison County office located at 701 Andrew Jackson Way, Huntsville, AL 35801 or click This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to have one mailed to you.

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Click here for a list of participating pharmacies.

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For more information, call 256-536-0745.

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