united way of madison county connecting those who can help with people in need
Are you looking for help? A hand up has never been more accessible! Call 2-1-1 or visit us online to get the resources you need!
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Build bridges to stability

Empower people in our community to succeed in school,
get on solid financial ground, and live healthier lives.

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We offer innovative solutions to build stronger individuals and communities, engaging people from all walks of life to become part of those solutions. When you give to United Way, you're helping improve lives and strengthen communities.
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Speak up

Join the cause. Make your voice heard.
Create real change.


Policy change can be big or small. It can be petitioning your school board to require healthier cafeteria meals. It can be urging your government to invest more in schools, or make child tax credits permanent, or make more children eligible for health insurance. Or it can be mobilizing your contacts to speak out on a critical cause, in person or online.
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BE The helping hands

Give your time and talent to create lasting solutions
that improve life for everyone.


Meaningful community solutions require more than money or programs or policies. The kind of real and lasting change that benefits everyone is only possible when people from all walks of life are willing to roll up their sleeves and go where their time and talent is most needed.
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We Are Passionate About
Our Community

United Way advances the common good by creating opportunities for all. Our focus is education, financial stability, and health- the building blocks for a good quality of life and a strong community.

We want to make sure students can start school prepared and graduate successfully, individuals and families are financially stable, and our community is healthy.

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“Suddenly, in the midst of my life falling apart I had such a moment of clarity.  I remember thinking to myself "I am about to become a statistic...I'm having my United Way moment."  See, what I was fully aware of is that at any minute the Red Cross [a United Way agency] was going to show up to offer me assistance. ...I remember the feeling that I wasn't alone, help was available.  There was a comfort in that.”
Jennifer Wellman, housefire victim

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