Youth Leaders Council
The United Way Youth Leaders Council brings together students from different schools & backgrounds to form a cohesive army of student volunteers working together to make our community a better place to live.

The mission of the United Way Youth Leaders Council is to develop a powerful resource of young leaders who recognize community needs and strengths and are committed to making a difference for all citizens. We want to see Huntsville/Madison County high school youth contribute to their community by helping others.

To meet this goal, the council strives to help youth achieve their potential by developing leadership skills in three key areas:


United Way of Madison County believes the best way for youth to discover their potential to impact their community is hands-on experience volunteering in the community and helping those least able to help themselves. As students learn how to serve the needs of those around them, they lead the way for their peers to follow. It is because of this belief that volunteering is a cornerstone of the Youth Leaders Council, and members are required to complete at least four volunteer service hours per month. As Robert Greenleaf said, "Good leaders must first become good servants."

As a part of Servant Leadership, the Youth Council also conducts Youth Invasion Days for all high school students in Madison County.

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Fiscal responsibility is something that every leader must learn, and the United Way Youth Leaders Council is no different. Students learn how to effectively raise funds an the process of allocating funds in a similar fashion to United Way of Madison County. At the beginning of each year, the council sets a fundraising goal and strategizes how to raise those funds through both council-wide fundraisers and individual school campaigns.


The Youth Leaders Council strives to educate its members where the gaps are in the areas of education, income, and health, so that throughout the year as the students plan volunteer activities and at the end of the year when the students allocate the funds they have raised, they will be aware of the needs of the community and be able to accomplish the greatest good.


If you are a high school student in Madison County with a passion to see your community impacted, we encourage you to apply for the Youth Council!

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